Creative Stories and Complements is the newest chapter in 30 years of design.

What does our name mean?
The Creative Stories are the initial ideas that inform the project brief. The Complements are the way in which these ideas are brought to life, so as to complement your space.

What do we do?
We create unique floral arrangements like door wreaths, table displays, mantlepiece dressings, reception desks etc for homes, businesses and events across the Island of Ireland.

Who are our customers?
Our customers tend to be that bit more discerning when it comes to design and colour. They prefer things that are a bit different and that feel special to them, they are not looking for mainstream work.

Thom’s story

My childhood was one of watching Blue Peter on TV and using my imagination and my hands to design and make things for the home like Christmas decorations. At the age of 13 I won a Blue Peter Competition badge for a painting that I did. As you might imagine I was beyond proud, I still am.

Established since 1987
My career in design has been successful in creating design concepts for well known global brands, including IKEA, Co-op, Starbucks, Target and B&Q to name a few. Eventually I reached executive level design leadership. This has given me the opportunity to travel all over the world and has allowed me to partner with some of the most talented creatives in the business. My experience is across the board in every area of design and I feel so lucky to have developed and mentored some incredible creatives during these years. They include interior designers, visual merchandisers, interior architects, stylists and florists.

The further my career progressed, the more time I would spend on planes and in meetings. After many years, I began to miss the days when I was hands-on in the creative process, so I made the decision to take a bow, move back to Ireland and set up a small creative business. I now live on Lawrence Hill in Derry/ Londonderry with my dog.

We live in a Victorian-Edwardian house that is an ongoing work in progress and also serves as a test lab for new creative ideas and concepts. My Blue Peter badge is framed and proudly displayed on the wall.

Client Testimonials

"Thom is exceptionally creative and imaginative and hugely skilled at what he does. Thom genuinely thinks outside the box when it comes to a brief. He throws himself into his work with great enthusiasm and professionalism. His work has a real edge to it which sets him apart from the rest."

Gina Murray

Creative Director, London/ Liverpool

"Thom is a true creative with a distinctive artistic flair. His collaborative spirit and passion elevates every project, merging imaginative concepts with technical prowess. Thom brings warmth, innovation and his talent to every project. I have loved working with him a number of times over the years."

Fion Conway

Urban Street Artist, NYC

"Thom is one of the most creative and lovely people l know. Everything Thom produces is unique and of the highest quality. Thom’s eye for detail is second to none. Take it from me you, will not be disappointed."

Deborah Winfield

Creative Services Director, Melbourne

"Only a few people have the opportunity to report to a manager who is also a coach and mentor—but I did when I worked with Thom. I’ve had the privilege of working with Thom for almost three years at Starbucks Coffee Company, during which time he was able to turn around the perception of Store Design in the UK. Thom was instrumental in creating store design concepts that had an a global impact. During his time at Starbucks he also had a huge impact on everyone in the team and left a legacy to last. I was always in awe of Thom’s ability to command a room and get people on board with his ideas and present any project with huge passion. I can only thank him for having been an amazing mentor and coach during this time which in turn allowed me to step up and be the best at my job. I wish Thom all the best in his future and maybe one day our job-paths cross again."

Heiko Meyer

Global Head of Architecture & Design at Engel & Völkers, Hamburg

"Thom is one of the most talented people I have ever worked with. An exceptional designer and true visionary, Thom is inspiring to be around and always creates great work. On top of that, he has a brilliant sense of humour which makes working with him a real joy. I learnt so much working with Thom, I can’t recommend him enough."

Luisa Biondino Millbank

Retail Transformation Director, London

"Thom is a unique talent, combining strategic brand direction and practical application. At Target AU Thom built a talented team to help lead change in our brand design. A great change agent for brand re-engineering and rejuvenation."

Paul Horwell

Director, David Jones, Melbourne

"Thom is one of the best designers I have worked with. He understands strategically and emotionally the brand equity and translates it into a strong and differentiated design. On top of that he is very organised and very rigorous in terms of process, budget and timing. Finally he is a great human being, straightforward and trustworthy. I have really enjoyed working with him. His contribution in the creation of the GoodHome brand has been tremendous."

Pierre Woreczek

Founder, Rocket Thinking, Paris

"I had the pleasure of working with Thom Breslin for over 2 years whilst working at EDGE on the Starbucks account. Thom was the design director of Starbucks, therefore him and his team were my clients. My words to describe him; his incredible talent and strong personality as a leader of his team and as client. He is capable of being a respected leader while keeping a relationship on a very friendly and genuine level. Thom has a strong eye for everything that is beautiful and fashionable, but is still very attentive to details and to the customer need. He is capable of reading always what is best for that environment taking always the best route and defending and explaining it with passion. His broad knowledge of the consumer, his impeccable taste and his passionate personality makes him unique and desirable leader to work for and to look up to. I would always recommend Thom as he will always bring to success anything he will work on."

Illaria Parmigiani

Design Director, London

"I first worked with Thom 25 years ago. As my manager he mentored me and built my confidence so that I continued to grow and to understand the importance of excellent creative standards and excellent customer service. Thom shared his knowledge with everyone he worked with and he delighted in seeing his team grown in capability and confidence. His knowledge of design opened my mind to the possibilities for my own creativity and undoubtedly gave me the confidence to establish my floristry business. I still work with Thom today and I am so excited for him with this new chapter in his creative journey."

Susan Hammond

Creative Director, Pollen Florist, Doncaster

"Thom is an inspiring designer and has the talent to bring out the best in the people around him. He is also very thoughtful and kind meaning everyday working with him is a joy. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again."

Yolande Perry

Creative Director, Pumpkin_Cottage_Creative, Warminster