Our aim is to bring the look and feel of the outdoor garden into your home, business, dinner party, wedding, and any event you want to make special.

Our style is heavily influenced by observing how flowers exist in nature. This feels wild and organic, it isn’t structured or formal in the way that traditional floral arrangements are, but rather it has an outdoor appearance and a looser composition.

We work with faux and dried flowers, and sometimes these are mixed in with real greenery. This is a far more sustainable option to working with fresh-cut flowers. Faux arrangements can last for years and have become extremely popular.

Faux flowers

We work mostly with faux and dried flowers as it is an eco friendly option to using fresh flowers. It allows a far lower carbon footprint, because fresh flowers are flown in for the florist industry on a daily basis from all around the world. Thats an awful lot of flowers, of fuel, of C02 emissions and of waste. Faux flowers can be used again and again and will last for years. They are so well made today that it is often impossible to tell the difference from the real flowers. They do not wilt and die and because they do not need to be kept in water there are no spillages or mess. They are allergy free and they do not attract insects and flies. What’s not to love?


Foliage or greenery does not require the long haul flights to get it here. We are blessed in the Emerald Isle with plentiful and beautiful foliage. We love to use real foliage mixed in with faux and dried flowers.


We also use living plants in pots that just need to be watered as any growing plant does. Some come in small hessian bags, some in aged terracotta pots, some in baskets and others in crates. The plants will depend on seasonal availability. They make gorgeous gifts for friends, family, and colleagues, teachers etc