Complement definition: Something that contributes extra features to something else in such a way as to
improve or emphasise its quality. Something that completes or makes perfect.

The Complements are the services that we offer and include;

  • Wreaths and Corsages
  • Tabletop displays
  • Mantlepiece dressing
  • Staircase dressing
  • Reception/ front desk dressing
  • Hanging Gardens and Floral Clouds

Customised Complements

This service is for the bigger jobs like the parties and the events, when the whole room is to be dressed and an extravaganza is required. This size of job requires a creative brainstorm which can be done in person or remotely, so that we can get an understanding of your initial requirements and thoughts that will inform the creative brief. We absolutely want you to love the work that we do for you.


Throughout my career I’ve had the privilege of teaching, developing and mentoring creatives and designers in the work that I had done. I love sharing creative knowledge and seeing how people flourish and grow in confidence as a result of the workshops that we have done together. This hands-on way of teaching and learning is so rewarding, it takes me right back to when I would sit glued to Blue Peter on the TV watching Lesley or John make something. I am sure that is why I enjoy hosting workshops so much. They are to be a major part of the DNA of Creative Stories and Complements. Check out the NEW section for details of upcoming workshops.